IDiLeInnovative Digital Learning – is the specialist hub of the design and fulfilment of innovative and bespoke training solutions.

Our team of experts will support you in all sorts of innovative ways.
Distance or Blended Learning solutions combine different modalities: e-Learning, Serious Game, web-based documentation, interactive animation, training video, 2D & 3D simulation, etc.

IDiLe offer covers many activities sectors, especially the following domains:

  • Distribution / Retail
  • Industry
  • E-Health

We offer a range of essential services for creating high-quality modules:

Advice, by analysing and improving existing training methods.

Training & support, by making it easier to working out solutions and put them in place.

Communication, by helping our clients to display their training plans and gain the willing participation of their colleagues.

Educational & production engineering, by ensuring the construction of relevant edcuational aids which support agreed training objectives.

We will support you throughout your project in order to:

  • develop a successful product
  • optimise trainees’ learning experience
  • immerse participants in a unique experience

A team of specialist experts dedicated to your project:

Strategy & advice

  • Specialist consultation
  • Educational consultation
  • User experience


  • Project management
  • Quality control and process

Educational engineering

  • Multimedia educational design
  • Educational scripts

Design & Multimedia

  • 2D design
  • 3D design
  • Ergonomics
  • Data design

Data development

  • Technical analysis
  • Technical design
  • Website and multimedia development